February 4, 2020

Taming the Tiger

TAMING THE TIGER. In this episode, we explore the mind AND body underpinnings of ANXIETY, help set the physiological foundations for mental health, and have some laughs along the way, with entertaining and super mental-health savvy Dr. Talia Marcheggiani, ND.

Others may not be able to see your pain, but you know just how real it is. It’s all you can think about.

We all want an instant solution, so you take your Advil or Tylenol like candy, but it’s only a temporary solution. Whether it leads to an ulcer, elevated liver enzymes or Dr. Google, at some point you realize this is not a long term plan.

You’re on fire. 

You swap the pharmacy for the health food store and get some curcumin; yes, you are less likely to get an ulcer, but what of the incendiary conditions that led to all the pain and inflammation? 

Meet Dr. Benjamin Snider, ND whose insights into treating these all-consuming symptoms are rooted in his own personal experience with 10/10 pain that he endured as a child which were brushed off as “normal for an active kid”. 

Dr. Ben is a Naturopath’s Naturopath. With his “simple sophistication” he is able to look at the problem a perspective that is probably very different from what you’re used to. 

When assessing or treating pain, most of us wouldn’t think water, sunlight, fasting, (or hookworms?) could be part of the picture, but after listening to this episode, you’ll ask, why not?

The egg from which you were born was, at one point, developed to a large extent inside your mother’s ovaries while she was still in your grandmother’s uterus. You, your Mom, and her Mom may have been (in some sense) in Vegas together.

One in 6 couples has problems with fertility, but they are often told to wait a year and to “just keep trying.” 

Despite the wonders and borderline miracles in the science of fertility, to say that this is a flawed approach is a serious understatement.

Sperm take 3 months to develop. It takes one year for the primordial follicle to develop into the “chosen one” of the eggs. We know that the environment in which these cells develop affects the genes they express, and therefore their health and potential.

Shouldn’t we see fertility as a meaningful impetus to “achieve” better, healthier versions of ourselves rather than some stressful, reactive “treatment” for a problem that leads to far too much shame and isolation? 

Dr. Liz Cheravaty ND thinks so and after over a decade of dedication to better understanding pediatrics and fertility science, she is bursting with wisdom on the subject. 

Listen with both sides of your brain and your heart as Dr. Liz helps take us beyond outcome-based fertility.

Bacteria, viruses, cancer, parasites --  they pose an ever-present threat in our lives; so how does your body protect itself from threats from both the outside and the inside?

The immune system. It’s like the police and armed forces of the body.

It shields you from invading armies of the outside world (e.g. bacteria and viruses) and protects you when your internal cells go rogue (e.g. cancer). 

Like everything in the body, it must be kept in some form of balance. If it is weakened, we are obviously going to be more susceptible to various conditions and infections, but what happens when it betrays you? 

When the police are a bit too heavy-handed? When there is a communication breakdown in the body and we experience “friendly fire” from our armed forces that are supposed to protect us, not hurt us?

Almost anything. 

Showing up as a diverse set of symptoms that vary from person to person and described under the umbrella of “autoimmune disease”, they are quite difficult to treat with an overly simple “take this for that” kind of medicine. 

This group of diseases, in particular, reminds us of the wisdom of Sir William Osler’s quote, “The good physician treats the disease; the great physician treats the patient who has the disease.”

Join us on the front lines as Dr. Tanya Lee ND evens the battlefield on this sneaky set of diseases.

NOTE: We had a lot of technical issues on this recording (resulting in us interrupting each other quite a lot!). WE hope you can hear the great content despite the suboptimal quality of the recordings

October 6, 2019

Bonk on the Head.


You’re anxious, can’t sleep or look at a screen for very long, every noise is piercing, and your focus is … wait, what are we talking about again?

You’ve had a concussion. 

You’ve seen your doctor and had some tests done. Hopefully, you’ve been referred to a specially trained physiotherapist for vestibular therapy, or maybe a concussion-focused chiropractor, but you’re still not back to work.

Could more be done to hasten your recovery?

What about the effects on your hormones? Your guts? Your immune system? Your sleep? They all interact with and support your brain, so are they being properly assessed and treated? 

Dr. Nicole Roberts ND isn’t afraid to speak up about this (not so?) obvious gap in care. She and is a key contributor to a fuller understanding of how we can improve the approach to concussions. 

A Naturopathic Doctor may not be the first healthcare professional you think about adding to your concussion care team, but this episode just might change your mind (and brain).

September 20, 2019

Life After Survival

As much as half of the population fear one disease more than any other -- CANCER.

The diagnosis alone can be traumatic. 

During treatment, you've swept away into an all-consuming whirlwind as you try to keep up with all of your appointments, tests, treatments, and specialists. You’re fully engaged in the process and hardly have time to think, let alone think about what happens after your treatment. 

But what happens after you ring the bell? 

The whirlwind is gone and you’re flung back out on your own, probably with very little guidance on what to do next.

You’re lost in space.

Now what? How do you deal with the grief of time lost, the trauma of treatment, the loss of the life you thought you had built, the changes in your body? And what about the fear of recurrence? How do you do everything possible to prevent what happened from happening again?

This episode we chat with the Cancer Remission Mission creator Dr. Kristina Cox ND, who is passionate about helping those who are lost in space after the ringing of the bell. Through connection, context, and meaning, Dr. Katrina helps us redefine beliefs and values. It’s an emotionally charged subject, so you won’t want to miss out on this episode as she sheds light on some commonly held (mis)perceptions about cancer that may not be serving us well.

August 16, 2019

Sleeping it Real

Do the demands of tomorrow necessitate a sleeping pill tonight?

It’s been a full day, and you’re (insert expletive) tired. You did all of the things; all of the work things, mum things, wife things …. now the kids are finally in bed. Finally, you can swap your beloved coffee for a deserved glass of wine (or a sleepy time tea?) and turn on Netflix to “turn off your brain”. 

It’s time to sleep, right? So why can’t you?

Was it the 5 cups of coffee? Was it because you skipped your workout to have a nap? How about the unintended habit of snacking on quick (not so nourishing) comfort foods “for energy”. Are you dark deprived? Do you need a sleep divorce from your 100 dB snoring partner?

And so, the cycle continues.

With real sleep solutions to feel and live better, improve your Sleep IQ with Dr. Leigha Saunders, ND as she keeps us fully aroused distilling the science of sleep.

You eat food. You break it down. You absorb all the bits you need and poop out the rest, right?

Kind of, but not quite.

It’s a little more complicated than that because of the trillions of bacteria in your guts.

And you know what? They eat what you eat. Like it or not, you and your tiny little roommates are not just living and eating together -- you are dependent on each other -- “you” are actually a superorganism. 

So, we must accept the fact that bacteria are going to live with us. And, we might as well invite the right ones to the party by offering up an enticing menu. 

So grab a bag of prunes and join our guest gut geek Dr. Kim Bretz as we discuss the blurry lines between you and the bugs and your food and your poop,

You are exhausted, worried to leave the house, and all too often, end up resenting your period. You just want it to stop, often at any cost. But what if you could pause, listen to what your cycle is telling you, and find a way lighten (it) up.

Dr. Kara Drops some heavy science on periods gone wild. Out of both personal experience and geeky medical obsession, Dr. Kara can speak real truths about when your period becomes more like shark week than a gentle visit with Aunt Flo.

This episode explores: The underlying causes of heavy periods, what constitutes a heavy period, how ovulation is the keystone event in the menstrual cycle (and for women’s health. Period), the vicious cycles of low iron, low thyroid and hormone imbalance, and how the entire menstrual cycle sets the stage for a healthy period.

The cup runneth over on this episode as our TNP host turns expert guest. 

Separating Fat from Fiction. 

You’re struggling with your weight and feeling frustrated with the lack of results.

You’re doing a LOT of good things, but nothing seems to push the needle in the right direction.

You’re not alone. 

Over 64% of Canadian adults over the age of 18 are now obese and overweight, and Dr. Mary Choi ND thinks our culture deserves an “F”. She thinks we are failing.

But fat loss is simple, right? Eat less, move more … and stop being lazy, right?

No, it’s not that simple. You are not a calorie-counting ATM machine. 

You are so much more beautifully complicated than that, so why is it that you are fat? 

You’re stressed at work with no time and countless responsibilities -- could it be stress? 

You’re approaching menopause -- could it be sex hormones?

You get ‘hangry’ and have to snack all the time -- could it be problems with insulin and blood sugar? 

You haven’t been the same since all those rounds of antibiotics -- could it be an imbalance in the bugs in your guts? 

You are the mother of a child who cannot sleep through the night -- could it be your sleep? 

It could be any of these and more. 

Dr. Choi may be good at math, but she’s not counting calories in and calories out. She thinks our lifestyle is failing us and contributing to the obesity epidemic.

Join our conversation with Dr. Choi and see how a Naturopath can skillfully and effectively facilitate real, sustainable weight loss by treating the whole person.

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